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Chair Yoga IS for EVERYONE!

Hi friends!

Last night I took my first chair yoga class since I've been here at the studio. Let me just tell you right up IT IS NOT JUST FOR SENIORS. Let me make that perfectly clear to you right now and squash that myth. It is THE perfect class for those who want to ease into yoga and just need a gentle practice class. It is perfect for seniors, office workers, those who have mobility issues, and anyone seeking a relaxful way to strength and stretch their bodies. So there! 😜

We started sitting on the chair and did some basic stretching of shoulders, legs, neck and back. It felt so good. My body completely relaxed and followed along with what the instructor said to do like it just knew the routine and loved it. I needed this class. I've been going through a lot of emotional angst the last couple weeks and it's been hard and I keep it inside and my body/gut/mind soaks it up and reacts, not in a good way. I'm tired, anxious, and sometimes weepy just to name a few. So taking this class was just what I needed.

We then stood up behind the chair and did some leg/calf/thigh stretches and that felt so amazing as did my back from the stretching. We then stepped away from chair and continued stretching and strengthening all parts of our bodies. Using our core muscles to ground us and keep us balanced. She taught in a way you could perform the movements more gentle or elevated as to stretch and use core more deeply. Because I've done the other yoga classes I'm good to do the elevated movements. I could tell it had been a while since doing a class and it felt so so wonderful. I felt it throughout my body.

It was like my body was giving itself a hug saying you are ok and it doesn't matter what anyone else says, does, or thinks.

I felt like I was put back together again like Humpty Dumpty or a puzzle with missing pieces.

It's beautiful when you think of it...simply doing a yoga class can make you feel healed and whole inside and out. Don't you think you deserve to feel this way? Yes, you do. We all do. 😘

I would highly recommend the chair yoga class to anyone who wants to start slow and be more gentle on their bodies. The instructor is amazing and tells you exactly what to do, how to do it if she needs to, and always offers options so as not to push yourself too far, or to be able to push yourself farther if you wish to. We have chair yoga classes on Mondays from 5:30-6:15 and Friday mornings 9:15-10:15. You will not be sorry taking this class.

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