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Getting Back on Track

Hi Friends. Before I give you the update on my elbow saga, I first I need to share I have felt like a guilty blob that I re-injured my elbow even though I did so attempting to start a new journey of doing yoga which I knew enough to know would help me with my strength, inside and out. My husband and friends have encouraged me to go easy on myself because I was doing something positive. It's hard for me to do that...give myself a break. A life of trauma just doesn't easily allow yourself grace and kindness. I'm trying though. Now that I've been to doctor (see below) I WILL get back on track. I've missed it. I will, forever, have to be gentle and very protective of my elbow, but I need to get back to the commitment I made to myself and all of you to continue the yoga journey. Thank you for your care, prayers and good vibes. I appreciate them and YOU so very much.

So, yesterday......I was in so much pain I called my dr. and asked to please let me come in if there are any cancellations in the afternoon or whatever they could do to see me before my scheduled appt. this morning. They told me to come right then so I literally msg'd my awesome bosses, packed up and went. He could see the inflammation and the pain I was in. All I could do was cry. It ran so deep I felt nauseous and had a headache. He was afraid I may have chipped something so couldn't do the shot without x-ray first. Ugh. Got one 1st thing this morning before work (praise God!) and was able to get dr. appt. at the tale-end of my shift here so again, my awesome bosses who care about me very much and treat me wonderfully told me to leave early and go there (truly love them). So I did. Nothing is chipped. Yes! So I received a cortisone injection on inner side of my elbow (where golf elbow injuries are).

Thankfully he's really good at the numbing part, of course you know no matter how many times I've gotten one I TELL HIM every time he had better numb it to death! Lol! 🤣 I feel the pressure and just a little uncomfortableness when numbing needle goes in but only feel slight pressure when cortisone goes in. It's so sore and I feel lightheaded for a few hours afterwards. I just went home and rested for a while. I'm back at work tonight covering a shift for my counterpart and keeping it easy. It's going to take several days for the entire area to feel the injection and stop feeling sore and stiff. Can't wait for that!

So tomorrow is Friday and it's my day off. I'm covering again on Saturday morning and if I'm feeling better I will attempt to take a class in the morning. If I do I will definitely journal it. Stay tuned. 🙏🏼

Have a great evening and enjoy the current temperature. I know I am!

Hugs and sweet dreams! Talk to you soon. 😘

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