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Giving Thanks for Starting Yoga

Friends! Today is going amazingly! To start with, I went to the bathroom this morning, (remember I warned you in my 1st entry I am 100% transparent, lol!) and have done so every few days since starting yoga 3 weeks ago today. If any of you can relate you know it's THE WORST when your insides are filled, crampy, making you bloat, making you feel much fatter than you most likely are. Don't get caught up in what society or medical people say is or should be the "norm". We know our bodies! We know what we go through every day, for years, or a lifetime some of us. If you had told me 4, 6, or 12 months ago doing yoga would help me in this way I would've snickered and given you a "yea, ok. sure." But here I am speaking real with you, sharing my absolute truth.

Up to now the main thing my husband and I changed the last several years is how and what we eat. Thanks to our dearest wonderful friend Wendy, Massey Wellness, we began our lifestyle change eating 100% clean. Knowing what we are eating, where it is coming from and how to do things for ourselves not relying on "the industry" has been one of the most beneficial life changes we've made. Knowing our gut is healthy from the food/intake has made drastic improvements in how our bodies feel after eating and what it tells us if we eat the wrong things, too often. Of course we splurge here and there but our eating stays mostly on the straight and narrow.

Unfortunately, for me, even eating clean/healthy, with my severe colon issues, my body/colon still wouldn't cooperate. Over all the years prior to clean eating and some afterwards no matter what I ate, didn't eat, what meds I took, what exercises P/T told me to do, N O T H I N G helped. This has been my life for over 40+ years. But here we are right now and I'm giving you my truth and testimony that yoga is helping me. YOGA FOR THE WIN!! 😊🎉

My morning continued to go great taking the Hatha class. I can't say it enough how much

I love this class and what it does for me physically and mentally. My soul feels peaceful and grateful. My strength is increasing and I know this by how quickly I'm now able to go into the Tree and Warrior III Pose without needing the wall. Go me!

I am finding without even thinking about it I am doing several of the stretch poses at home while I'm watching tv on the living room floor or at nighttime while laying in bed waiting for TJ to come in to say our evening prayers together before I go to bed for the night. ❤️Below are the various stretches I really like to do and they feel sooooo good:

Spinal Twist Seated Twist

Lying Torso Twist Straight Seated Forward Bend

Yoga Staff w/Joint Release for Ankles (I do it lying flat)

All this together makes it a wonderful productive day. I feel accomplished and my body feels healthier. Would I still go for ice cream at our favorite place - Tropical Ice Cream and Coffee on IRB, if I was asked...YES I WOULD! lol! And I can tell you I would not feel guilty about it. I'm feeling just that good and proud of myself that I know a fun splurge like this on occasion is fun and not meant to be a bad thing. Can I get an Amen!! 🙃

I pray my journaling is helping you somehow and that if you haven't tried it you might consider giving yoga a chance. I would not lie to you and surely not about such personal things as I've shared with you. Hugs and love and have a great rest of your day! 😘

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