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Hanging in There

I'm hanging in there friends. It's not been easy. I am still hurting even 6 days after injection. Not as painful today but still there and takes my body over which makes it hard to stay "up" and do productive things. LIKE doing yoga, going for my long walks or simply using my right hand for everyday things, brushing teeth, picking up something light and even just walking. It's annoying if you want to truth. But I am trying really hard to stay on path and give my body time to heal and do what it needs to do for my elbow's sake.

You know when you go through physical things it's hard and it affects your mental health. Whether you have a trauma past or not it's hard. You feel helpless and useless and just want to be a blob and for me even being a blog hurts my dang elbow because I have to rest it somewhere but can't comfortably. Ugh.

Don't give up though! You're strong and much stronger than you think you are. God made us that way. This is a little weak moment in my journey but I'm fighting my "in my head" feelings to stay positive and move forward not backward.

It's extremely beneficial to have people around you who are a good influence; provide you positive feedback and encouragement. Others loving and caring for you help you to give yourself that same love and care. Allow yourself grace in your healing and hurting. Some days are harder than others. You've got this!

I hope you have a great rest of your week and enjoy the beautiful temps outside. I will chat with you soon. Hugs and love! 😘

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