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How can yoga help you lose holiday weight?

Admit it, we all love to indulge over the holidays. Delicious meals, scrumptious sweets. Leftovers! And if you are some place where the weather is cold, well all the more reason to "veg". Lol! This is the one time of year it's ok to just let go and indulge, guilt free. that the new year is here, you're probably thinking about shedding that extra weight.

Don't fret, we here at DERTY YOGA are here to help you. While we can't control what goes on outside, we can most definitely control and help with what goes on inside. Yoga!

Yoga is one of the healthiest and supported ways to lose weight. It not only sheds the extra calories but also improves metabolism and muscle strength. Weight management is one of the most important aspects of overall health. A combination of the right diet, lifestyle and physical exercise helps to lose extra inches, as well as maintain your weight.

What style of yoga is good for losing weight?

Vinyasa yoga, in particular, is a dynamic and fast paced flow of asanas (body flow) that works on the upper and lower body as well as the abdomen. While it is one of the most effective practices for weight loss and weight management, it is important to keep a few points in mind:

  • Take precautions, such as practicing only if your knees, back and neck are free of any pain or injuries.

  • With it being a Vinyasa sequence it must be done in a continuous flow. However, if you’re tired, pause, take a break and restart.

  • Start with one round (20 minutes practice), and slowly increase to two or even three rounds to increase the impact.

The journey might be challenging but with regular practice and the right support, you will begin to see phenomenal results.

Make sure to practice/participate with a trained yoga teacher to get regular support and to do it the right way.

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