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Today is a good day. It's Monday but it's a good Monday. The sun is shining and the temperature is perfect. My golf elbow is feeling a little better having worn a special support band all weekend. My gut is feeling better/emptied. I slept well. I have THE BEST husband in the entire world and a precious orange fur baby who needs me endlessly. 😺 The weekend was busy but great. Can't wait to share with you.

On Saturday, the 2nd, we supported a cause near and dear to our hearts - The 5K Colon/Colorectal Cancer walk/run in Tampa at the Gadsden Park. The weather was perfect for the walk, cloudy and no direct sun making it super hot. My husband, brother, his fiance, my awesome boss and their adorable son joined me and it made the whole experience perfect. The atmosphere was one of togetherness, love and care for those lost, fighting or cured of colon cancer. People brought their sweet fur-pups to join in the festivities. 🐶

We started at a huge blow-up arch and began the walk around the path. It was estimated once around was 2 miles. No one seemed to know for sure, even the workers, lol! We started slow and then as I always do, and had warned my group, my pace builds and I'm OFF! 🏃🏽‍♀️ It felt good. I had treated myself, 1st time ever, to good reliable walking shoes. Wow, what a difference good shoes make. I can't wait to go for one of my long walks in them now!

When we were all finished walking we shared how good it felt to be there, said our goodbyes, hugged it out and continued on with our weekend. ❤️

Starting and ending point of the walk on left.

On right, our group. Love them all so much.

I'm grateful that I decided to give the yoga a try 2 weeks ago. Gosh time flies! It has made

an amazing difference to my body. My GI is less stressed. I feel stretched and ready to start the day. When my insides feel better my brain and mental health feel better. Remember, the gut is your 2nd brain. They work literally hand in hand.

SO MANY BENEFITS TO YOGA! Give it a try. Trust me.

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