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May is for Women's Health Care

What is Women’s Health?

There’s no universally-accepted definition of women’s health. Some say it's just a certain part of medicine that focuses on treatment and diagnosis of illnesses that affect women, physically or emotionally. Hmmmm...I think those "Some say" people need to think again. 🤦🏼‍♀️ There are much deeper issues affecting us women that many don't even realize. Did you know studies show 76% more women, than men, use the healthcare services, visiting their doctor in a year? You have to admit that in a family women generally control the majority of healthcare decisions in the home. They are the primary caretakers; making appointments, purchasing the needed medicines, etc. for their families.

Generally when one says women's health the first thing people think of is "woman stuff" (GYN or reproductive). Hey, there's much more to us than just having babies! Our bodies go through A LOT more than men could never understand. 🙃 Our "monthly visitor", pregnancy, menopause..just to name a few obvious ones. Lord don't get me started on menopause! LOL! 🥵

As a society it just needs to be understood, acknowledged, and appreciated what women go through physically and mentally, and the care we need and deserve needs to be accessible and respected. Women deserve top treatment. And what about self-care?

Most women don't even know what it means to put self-care into practice. I think if we all understood the concept we'd do more for ourselves and this would help us deal with work things differently, home-life, our feelings/emotions. There wouldn't be as much "settling" on some relationships because they'd be in a much better head-space mentally, physically and emotionally to make better decisions and choices. Women tend to take care of others, ensuring they are ok that we don't take time to make sure we are ok. Well I found some great ideas to help with that...

1. Have a Pampering Budget

What does having a pampering budget mean? It means set aside a percentage, like 10% even, of your paycheck and pamper yourself. Take a relaxing bubble bath with all the scented "bombs". 😊 Treat yourself to a mani and pedi. 💅🏼 Buy yourself those awesome shoes you've been eyeing for weeks. 👠Maybe you'd like a weekend away just buy that hotel room with a nice soaking tub. 🛁 Having this budget allows you to spend on YOU and not worry about what it's taking away from the everyday living expenses. ❤️

2. Set Social Media Hours

While social media does have its benefits (networking, brand development, catching up on the day's events/news, "stalking" people (lol!), it can work against you if you take it too far, doing it too much. Becoming obsessed or even addicted can cause issues in your marriage, your mental and physical health and other areas of your life. Set up a time/hours for when you check out social media and when to get notifications so that the rest of time you are "present"...for yourself and your family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

3. Use Your Bedroom “Appropriately”

I think we all know when it comes to the bedroom two main things come to mind....romance and sleeping. But your bedroom should be...can be much more than that for you. When budgeting, set aside some of your funds to make your bedroom a place for calm, a safe haven, peaceful where you feel amazing tranquility. The one room in your entire house where you should feel totally relaxed is your bedroom. ☮️

4. When You’re Away from Work…STAY AWAY FROM WORK

Did you know the United States is the most overworked developed nation in the world? It's so sad when you think about it. We all need to work in order to pay the bills but what we don't do is remember why we have work hours....specific hours during the work day we work and that's for a reason. Sometimes it's hard to stop when your day should be done but you have to put YOU first. Having to-do lists are so helpful in managing your time wisely allowing you the grace to finish what's on your list. And when you're done, you're done. You can relax and enjoy the rest of the day or week. Work is supposed to support your life, not take over it. Don't feel guilty for setting limits. Your mind, body and spirit need you to do that. 🧘🏼‍♀️

Take Yourself on a Date

Take yourself to the movies. You can watch whatever movie you want without having to compromise with anyone else. Is there a book you've been wanting to read but just haven't had the time or quiet to do so? Go to a favorite coffee shop or book store and enjoy your book and a nice latte or tea. Take that class you've been wanting to take. Take a day and just do whatever YOU want to do. Stay in touch with your inner self. You deserve to be known and understood and enjoy things too! 📙🍿🍵❤️

6. Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is an act of self-love. You probably didn't know that. Many don't. When you forgive yourself self-acceptance begins and self-love grows. We all have experienced things and one things we're not proud of but at some point we need to forgive ourselves. If you're able to make things right with those you hurt then please try to do so. And then, please, forgive yourself. Let those hurts and wounds heal. It's so freeing once you can let go and feel lighter on the inside. 💞

7. Treat Yourself at least once a Week

You deserve it, that's why! 😊 Makes a point to treat yourself, at least once a week. Get yourself the new lip gloss or order out your favorite cheat meal or buy a new dress or purse. It's not selfish to treat yourself to things but rather showing yourself self-love, making YOU a priority and putting a smile on your beautiful face. 💄👗👜😊

8. Spend Some Time Outside

We spend so much of our time indoors at home or working where it's "dark". Get outside and enjoy the beauty around you. The sunshine. The trees, flowers, the blue sky and why puffy clouds. It feels good to take a nice walk or go on a hike and appreciate your surroundings. It brings inner peace. Being outside can increase your Vitamin D intake which most of us lack. I am one of those people, although it's gotten significantly better since moving to Florida last July. I love being outside here. How can you not with the sunshine, the white sand and beautiful water and all God's precious creatures. 🩵

9. “Prune” Your Relationships

Oh how I can relate to this one. You know you have that person or persons in your life that bring you down. They are negative and/or toxic. Your complete demeanor and head-space changes when you're around them. Whether you garden or not, you know nothing in the garden grows unless you weed, water and prune it. Pruning is getting rid of the unhealthy allowing for something more beautiful to grow. The same goes for our relationships. Relationships don't necessary have to end but many do need to be pruned. Do NOT feel bad if you have a relationship that no matter how much you prune nothing beautiful grows. 🥀 It's possible this relationship is not meant to be. We all grow and mature and pruning helps us to reevaluate and take changes into consideration. It's a process. It's self-care. It's good for your mental well-being. 🌺🌻🌼🌷🪻

10. Take Vacation/Personal Days

We know we have to work in order to pay our bills. We know we have tasks and projects that need to be completed. BUT you also have and deserve to take a vacation or personal day. When you don't take time for yourself guess what happens? You suffer from stress from not taking care of yourself. You've EARNED the vacations and personal days. And when you're sick, take those sick days. You have them for a reason. Don't feel guilty for off-days that you have coming. Use them. That's what they are there for. 🏖️🌴

11. Embrace Luxury Baths

Normally we take a shower or a bath. I mean, we have to, right? It's a cleanliness thing. For self-care go the extra mile. At least once a week make that bath time something to remember. Get out those bath salts or bombs. 🛀🏼 Play that favorite music. 📻 Grab some rose petals 🌹from your garden (that you've pruned! Lol!). Grab that favorite chocolate bar. 🍫 Indulge in a favorite glass of wine or drink of your choice. 🍷 These kinds of baths are relaxing and calming. They improve your heart and can even balance your hormones. THIS is what I call self-care 💞

12. Pray and/or Meditate

Not everyone will want to do this but there are many of you that will. I am a big believer in prayer. Praying to God or for some "a higher power" can help physically and mentally. Prayer affords us the opportunity to let go of what we are keeping inside giving us the comforting feeling we're not alone in whatever it is we're thinking, feeling, going through. Someone has our back. 🙏🏼

Meditation reduces our stress and lengthens our attention span helping us to fight things we're dealing with like addictions, fears, relationships and enables us to be more empathetic to others. Meditation for some could be while you're laying in your bed. Standing in the shower or soaking in the tub. Take it one step further and meditate during a yoga class. Yoga is not something I ever thought a lot about until I became this studio's manager and started taking yoga classes. Now I can't not do yoga. It helps my mental well-being and my physical well-being. You begin to really see what's important and what isn't. It's almost like doing an internal "pruning". 💖 🧘🏼

13. Create Goals. Reach Them. Celebrate Them.

Goals are plans we create for ourselves that we want to achieve. Once we set a goal we put in the work to make it happen and we keep going to until we've achieved what we set out to do. But don't stop there. Celebrate your accomplishments! You're celebrating that you never gave up wanting to bring whatever it was to fruition and that you had to mind to set the goal in the first place. Celebrate that you didn't quit no matter how hard it may have gotten. Celebrating is a part of self-care. Self-praise is to remind you of your strength and worth.

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