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New Week, Let's go Yoga!

Hi Peeps! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Enjoyed the sunshine. 🌞

I wanted to surprise you all and attend a Saturday class and then journal it but unfortunately I suffer from severe "golf elbow" on both but much more painful on the right side and due to the yoga last week, especially the cardio flow class I was in a lot of discomfort Thursday afternoon to now. I should've known better but wasn't thinking, I just wanted to do. I've had several treatments to right elbow and trying really hard to not have to go the surgery route so this wasn't smart of me. So, no class Saturday and I'm babying the elbow as best I can. My doctor would be mad at me if he knew. 🙃

Here we are Monday morning and I knew I was doing the Hatha class

no matter what. Luckily we have awesome instructors that when they know your issue they work with you to formulate the routine(s) with what you are able to do. It almost felt more routine this time. Like in a good way. You start becoming more familiar with the positions and remembering what to do, where your leg placement should be; whether your knee should be bent or completely straight.

The areas that mean the most to me to "work" are my abs, legs/thighs/glutes, balance, and the stretching. For me, Hatha covers these and then some. I feel so relaxed and it's as if I've lengthened my body - neck, back, sides. It's such a good accomplished feeling. I don't sweat as much in this class but that's ok; I feel more controlled and in control of the movements for the specific areas of my body.

I truly encourage those of you reading this, for yourself or someone you know, to come to the studio and give Hatha a try. I'm not young person and I've never done yoga before now, so that's no excuse for you to not give it a try. 😜 You will feel amazing afterwards. I feel like I want to run out of the door here at the studio and just keep running with my face towards the sun. I feel alive and great. I don't feel "fluffy" in my mid-section. My body feels the outcomes of working it in a way that feels sooooo good. I feel grateful and I feel happy. I'm asking you to trust me. I would NEVER lie to you. 🤗

Have a beautiful day and I'll meet you back here tomorrow, class TBD. 😘

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