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New Week, New Plan

Hi Friends! It's been a minute since we chatted. Last week as you know was a rough week pain-wise. That continued throughout the weekend. Oddly enough I'm not in as much pain today where it takes my body over and shoots down my arm so I'm very grateful for that.

I got up on time this morning and felt motivated to walk. I was like it's a new week, new way forward. It felt so so good to go on my walk. I walked briskly for 40-ish minutes. That's all the time I had before work. I had planned to do a yoga class this morning but it turned out to be a crazy busy morning. We are learning the process of recording yoga classes to eventually put on-line through our website for people to subscribe to so my boss and I walked through the process and recorded some. It's an amazing involved procedure to go from recording to a "finished" product. I hope you all will partake in this opportunity once we go "live" with on-line yoga classes. I am excited to do them on my days off just hanging at home.

I am planning to take a yoga class this evening when I return for my night shift. I NEED the stretching as it helps me tremendously. I keep hoping someone following my blog has seen the difference taking yoga can have on your gut. I debated to share this with you all being it's very transparent and probably TMI (too much information) for many but I promised from day one to keep it real and I have to believe I'm helping someone, even if it's just one person....

I had my 1st appt. with a GI Internist last Thursday. I don't need one at this time necessarily but since I do suffer from severe colon motility and other issues it's good to have one now that I'm living down here. In the past, looooong story, I've been to MANY, burned by all. I don't have a high trust for doctors these days especially the specialty ones, like GI. This doctor was/is A M A Z I N G! She was relatable. She talked through things and explained things more clearly than anyone in my entire life. No lie! She was a bit "wow'd" by my extensive list of meds taken, procedures done, surgery had. What she was most impressed with was how I am doing right now.

For anyone who's gone into a GI office you know what posters are plastered all over the walls, Lol! 🤣

She thought it was awesome that in the short time I've been doing yoga my colon/GI is this improved. Going from WEEKS and type 1 for YEARS to days and mid-type section in 3 weeks is a miracle! Pair this with eating clean and walking I am doing superb. Praise God! I find myself doing the yoga positions and stretches when I'm just sitting at home or lying in bed. They feel so good and freeing.

My wish for those of you who suffer as I do is that you will trust me and my words and try yoga for 2 weeks, 2-3 x's, and see if you feel, or see improvement. Eating right is a large component of this too because it helps if your gut is not inflamed with toxins.

I believe in you! I'm here if you ever want to talk. I know what I say because I live it. Every day.

Have a great day and we'll talk soon. 😘



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