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Hi Friends. Happy Tuesday. I chose to do a class this evening vs. this morning. Brave, I know considering it's been a long day. I'm tired. I could've easily said, forget it. But no, I am determined to do yoga at the very least 3x's a week. The 1st evening class is Tone & Flow. The instructor knows I am extremely limited with my elbow/arm use so she assured me let's do it and I'll be fine. She's having some lower back issues so she was going to do a "modified" tone and flow. Now, if you're me....modified would say to me the class will be a tad more low-impact and easier on the body and positions. Right? Wouldn't you assume that? WELL....

She and the class KICKED MY @$$!!!! While I couldn't do the positions like downward dog and other full arm poses, I did 98% of the class and it was intense. Flow you know means continuous movement from one pose to another, holding for a bit longer. Yeah...modified... not!

The sweat was dripping everywhere. "splat....splat....splat... My clothes were sticking to me. Ladies, you know what a drenched sweaty bra feels like... UGH! 😂 My glasses were falling off my face. Girl, when will you show me the modified version?!?!?! LOL!

Prior to class when discussing a more modified version all I said was I'd like to definitely work my abs, legs/thighs/glutes. Well somehow she interpreted this to mean WORK IT 'TIL YOU DROP. 🤣

Don't get me wrong, it felt great and feels great now. I feel successful in my yoga workout. It just feels sore to move certain ways or go from sitting to standing. Lol!

The instructor's attitude toward my feeling this workout was:

My feeling is:


All the funny aside, it was an awesome yoga class and I highly recommend it for those who like continuous movement from pose to pose with using your core and holding for several breaths. I really do feel good. My body is thanking me and I truly feel that. We all deserve to do what feels good for us in feeling peace and openness, for our mind, our spirit and our bodies. Don't ever let others tell you how you should feel or how your body should be. Our bodies talk to us even if we're not listening. Know you're not alone in your journey. I'm here for you. Have a great night and we'll talk soon. 😘

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