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Painful Day - Golf Elbow

Oh friends...I'm a bit down today. I know it's my fault but I truly didn't realize it would affect my already injured elbow this badly. I'm in A LOT of discomfort. I'm hoping by sharing my mistake it will help someone else NOT to make the same one. If you have an injury that you've had treated twice with injections, and the possibility of surgery is around the corner if it continues, DO NOT think just because you've been doing and feeling great and feeling "normal" means it's ok to use the arm/elbow as if it's miraculously healed. IT'S NOT! 😔

Even holding the strap doing mat positions for abs, thighs affects your arm and obviously your elbows. I'm so angry at myself because I've worked hard the last several months to get the pain subsided and I was using my arm more regularly being careful not to overexert it. What now??

I don't want to stop doing to yoga for all the good it is doing for me in stretching, balance and working my annoying areas of abs and glutes. What it means for me is that I have to not do the strap and use my own core/body to make it work. If I use my left elbow which has the same tinges of the golf elbow I'll most likely make that worse. I don't want surgery so I have to find the balance right now.

If you're a praying crowd I could use them. I have been just so excited and have felt so different since starting this last Monday. I don't want the goodness to stop. So I will continue being extremely careful and aware of my limitations. I didn't do a class this morning but will probably do Hatha this evening. I'm wearing my wrist brace which helps my arm/elbow to stay still letting my elbow rest. I had to take it off to type this but it was important for me to share because I want to help others not to make the same mistake.

I'll let you know how tonight's class goes and keep you posted on my elbow progress.

Big hugs and no matter what's happening, Create your own Sunshine.

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