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Yoga - Day 2

Updated: Feb 21

Hi friends! was day 2 doing a yoga class. I decided yesterday to purchase one of our resistance bands. They're so cool! This morning's class was Hatha with resistance bands. There was a scheduled participant for this class. Oh no...someone else. PLEASE DON'T HAVE THEM LOOK AT ME!!! That's what I was thinking. Anxious all over again. I strategically placed myself, like yesterday, closer to the studio doors to hear the door or phone ring. I was glad the participant was up ahead of me. I don't want someone noticing what an idiot I look like... Lol!

The class started and it was relaxing but yet more intense than yesterday using the bands and learning to strengthen myself with balance. As the class progressed I found myself feeling more comfortable and "just as good" as our participant. She's a wonderful person and we love when she comes to the studio. Her smile is beautiful. However....when you feel like you're competing within yourself you aren't thinking of those nice things. Stupid I know, but I'm sure many of you know exactly what I'm saying. 😁

By mid-class we were laughing at some of our inadequacies and feeling 100% comfortable together. I actually forgot my nerves from the beginning and felt I was on "even playing field" here. I have a long long history of not feeling I belong, or am as good as anyone else, ESPECIALLY in areas of strength, exercise, worth. At this moment of class I didn't feel any of that. I felt in control and proud of myself. Our yoga instructor is so soothing and supportive so her compliments continued to help me feel confident. By the end of the class we were all talking like we've done this for a long time. Wow....let that sink in....

Sweating and feeling some muscle "strain" where we worked ourselves today was/is an accomplished feeling. I'm excited to work further with the bands and will definitely do some band work at home.

While I liked the class and feel it working within me/my body, it is naturally a slower-paced class and I prefer a bit more fast-paced. That's just how I feel. No fault of instructor, it's how the class is supposed to flow. I'm coming into this from the "Spa Lady" days of aerobics. I know...just aged myself! Lol! So after it being suggested I skip tomorrow being I'm a beginner doing yoga two days in a row, I'm going to take Thursday's class, Cardio Flow. I'm told it's more movement and a good toning yoga. THAT sounds more my speed. So, more to come. 🙌

Keep up the good work to those who are DOING IT and those on the fence of doing yoga or any type of exercise...stay on the fence until you feel compelled to act on it, just don't go backwards. Being on that fence is one step closer to putting YOU first. That's where you deserve to be. ❤️

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