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YOGA - Day 3

OH. MY. GOSH.... Friends!!!! Today was....

Mic Drop..... All that needs to be said in one image.

I said I wanted to do a more fast-paced yoga class. Well this was Cardio Flow and IT WAS ON!!! 🤣

You start slow, mindful and it feels so freeing and relaxing. The music is soft and it feels like you're being wrapped in a warm hug. Then.....

THE CRAZINESS STARTED!!! bahahahahaha! The music was island-like, fun, motivating, but not over the top. The positions and movements were more repetitious and meant to tone. I'm too new to this to even begin trying to name the many specific positions. Lol! I have learned a few that if the instructor said to get in that position I could. yay me! 🤣 But oh man the workout level! The upward facing dog to plank repetition...HELP... MY ARMS! MY GLUTES! The lunges throughout.....MY THIGHS!!! For the FIRST TIME EVER I watched as a bead of sweat slowly descended downward and splattered on the mat. Right in front of my eyes. SPLAT! It's as if there was a building up of moisture and combustion set inat my hair-line and one by one water drops started falling from my me. Now remember, I'm at work. I'm on duty. I need to look presentable at the front desk. Luckily I had my work clothes to change back into but there a shower nearby? Would it be ok to dunk my head under the cold bathroom sink water? Is there a pool right out back? 😭 It just took some cold water to the face and cold wet paper towel to wipe off a bit. So refreshing!

One of my favorite parts is when we work the core/abs. Being in the low boat pose with straps on my feet and holding the straps as close to me as I can bringing the legs up and back down to pose level. I can feel it working and it feels so great. Plus, once you get down to the mat work you're just so happy to be not on your legs at this point. 🤣

While it is a more intense class it is perfect for those of us who like more fast-paced and focused on toning. You feel like you've done a complete body workout. My favorite pose of the entire class was the child's pose....bringing the knees in and hugging them into me felt soooooooooo good and I felt myself relax and feel restful and accomplished.

Then when the class was complete, I got up and......

My legs felt like wiggly unstable jelly legs. Me and my class-mate both felt the jelliness. I guess we did good then, huh? 😊

It didn't last too long, about 20 minutes. Now I just feel a little tenderness in my thighs and glutes. A great feeling for sure. To know I'm working parts of my body, feeling the after-effects tells me I did something right and my body will continue to strengthen. It's amazing honestly.

I am determined to keep this up at least 3 days a week. I work 4 days so the one is my skip day. For now. 😉

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Get out and move. Enjoy the sunshine and do what makes YOU happy. I'll be back next Monday for week 2 of my yoga journey. 😘

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I'm so happy to see the spark of loving yoga lit in you! It really is the best feeling doing the hard classes and feeling your muscles shaking and feeling the sweat drip from every pore of your body! THIS is exactly why I love practicing at DERTY! Well that, and the fact that it's a great space with great instructors and owners who truly care about their business.

Liz Sprankle
Liz Sprankle
23 ก.พ.

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. We are a family for sure at Derty. 💙

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