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Yoga Skip Day - How do I feel today?

Hey Peeps! This is my skip day as I mentioned yesterday. I just had to tell you how different I feel today. Something amazing is happening.

First, yesterday evening I realized I DO HAVE A CORE! bahahahaha! Who knew really? It was so sore. My legs/thighs/glutes felt heavy. What a great feeling it was though. Obviously I had done something right. 🙌

When I woke up this morning the ab soreness is gone. I still feel a bit in my thighs but in a totally good way. Now what happened next is more like a miracle if you know me and my severe GI/colon motility issues. I don't want to gross you out or over express but I can't help but want to share because others are suffering as well and I want to bring hope to them. I am a transparent person. God has brought me through the darkness of my life with the intention that I share my story and help those going through their own darkness. This is my calling. It doesn't matter if it's spiritual, mental or physical. it transparent as I get.....I am not a "regular" person. I am in straight up menopause. I go WEEKS which is why I suffer so much with nausea, bloatedness, mood swings, etc. It's awful. Monday evening, after taking my 1st class in the morning, I felt a little internal twinge. Didn't think anything of it because I get those occasionally. I've learned to live with this physical angst. But I did not expect this morning to happen and for the first time in M O N T H S I am feeling "lighter" and I can see my ribs!!! What always looks like fluff and "fatty-like" dimples in my mid-section (pic 1) is flatter and my skin is smoother (pic 2). I've always had a slight "pouch" and I'm not a small build person but to see and feel like pic 2 vs. pic 1 is a celebration for me. 🎉🤩

** These pics are not of me. I wanted to show you as best I could how my mid-section looks on an everyday basis, pic 1, and then after the "miracle", pic 2

PRAISING GOD OVER HERE!!!! What is happening? Could this yoga thing really be working? Is all this a coincidence? Maybe, but thinking not because I've been walking 3-4 times weekly since last fall and I've NOT had this happen.

Friends....I'm trying not to get too excited but it's hard not to right now. I could cry. I literally teared up looking at my belly in the mirror this morning. Like a dream. It's made me want to stay on this journey and continue to get stronger and more confident. Thank you for coming along with me. I'm always here if anyone wants to talk. ❤️

Have a great blessed day and I'll talk with you tomorrow! Day 3 yoga! 😘

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